Monday, April 11, 2016

A Story with a Happy Ending

This story started with me, but it did not end with me.  It did end with another dog, and that is the happy ending.  Here is what happened.  Angie works with children, and sometimes, I get to go with her.  When I hurt my paw, and there was a bandage on it, she took me with her to meet a girl and her family.  The girl cannot see; she is blind, and she also uses a wheelchair to get around.  Sometimes she is on the floor, and she can scoot around.

Since she cannot use her eyes, she uses her hands to find out what is going on.  Well, she uses her ears, too, but with me, she put her hands first on my face, then my body, and she could also feel where the bandage was on my leg.  She smelled my fur, and her parents told Angie that she loved dogs.  They were thinking about getting a dog, but didn’t know what kind of dog would be best.  The little girl asked if she could keep me, or at least baby-sit me, and Angie told her, “no,” but in a nice way.

Here is the happy part.  Angie called a friend of hers who raises Golden Retrievers (like Sprinkles), and asked if she knew of any dogs who could be a pet to live with this girl and her parents.  The dog’s job would be to cuddle, play, be sweet, and have good manners.  Not a job for me, but maybe for another dog.  And it turned out, there is a dog named Jet who is perfect for this.  The family went to meet Jet, and the next day, Jet came to live with them.  I like to think that I was part of this story. There are all kinds of jobs for dogs, and I helped this dog find his.

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