Monday, June 13, 2016

My New Home

No, I didn’t go live with a different family, or run away, or anything like that.  But for one week, Sprinkles’ family went away, and Angie and I stayed at their house.  That is because there are 3 dogs who live there, and 2 of them are kind of old and take medicine.  It was easier to go there than for all of those dogs to come to our house.

Remember that I am the only dog at my house, so it was a big change to be with 3 other dogs.  We all stayed in our kennels at night, and if Angie was gone.  If she was home, then sometimes Sprinkles and I would play in the backyard.  Maybe because Sprinkles lived there and I didn’t, she felt like she could be the boss of me.  She would not share her toy, and would tease me with it. 

I like being the only dog.  When we came back home, I was tired.  It felt quiet, calm, and like the best place to be.  It was nice of Angie to take care of those 3 dogs, but even better when it was all done.

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