Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Crowd of Boy Scouts

Angie and I are not worried about giving presentations.  We have visited schools, camps, Vacation Bible Schools, and even events where people sit at tables eating lunch.  But we went to a Boy Scout camp last week, and there were 300 kids.  That is the most ever!  And there was loud music, and they were making so much noise that even with a microphone, Angie had a hard time getting them to listen.  And they were sitting on the bleachers in a big auditorium, and eating lunch.  And…well, you probably get the picture.

Usually at these events, somebody hides, and I find that person.  But there were too many people this time. Angie was worried that they wouldn’t be able to see and would just take off, trying to watch me.  So I demonstrated my obedience and some agility.  It was not that much fun for me, but all of the Scouts seemed to like it. 

And here was the toughest part.  Since it was the last day of camp, each boy had a balloon to pop.  The person in charge told us that they would wait until we left the building, but that is not what happened.  Imagine the sound of 300 balloons going “pop, pop, pop!”  It was so loud, and I was so happy to load up in the quiet car and head home.