Thursday, August 11, 2016

Not Always About Me

Angie and I went to the warehouse where all of the stuff is kept for Texas Task Force 1, including kennels for the dogs.  That was fine since I thought it would just be a few minutes until we were training at Disaster City.  But no….when she let me out, we walked with everybody on our team, and other dogs, for 2 miles.  Angie carried a heavy pack, and I was bored.  Walking is just not that much fun.

When we returned, I went back in the kennel, and Angie left.  She didn’t come back until many hours later, and it was dark.  Turns out she was at a class called Wide Area Search, which helps her be better at her job.  That is training for her, but not for me.  When she came back, she fed me, took me outside for a short walk, and then lights out.

The next day was the same, but not as long.  And then we went home.  Sometimes I must wait, and remember that it is not always my turn.  Angie needs training too, and it is important for her.  I get to train all the time, and so I should not be upset that sometimes it is her turn. I have a feeling that I will get my turn again very soon!

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